18 Lazy Susan
18 Inch Turntable

18 lazy susan image

Our 18 lazy Susan hardware is rated to handle 1,000 pounds.

The 18 inch lazy Susan is perfect for a 36” to 48” dining table and will leave 18” to 30” around for plates, dishes, etc.

There are many uses for the lazy Susan. Decorating cakes, sharing food dishes, spices, or just about anything that needs to turn.

lazy susan image

When we say heavy duty lazy susan, we mean heavy duty!

There is no plastic in this one!

Select the optional polyurethane clear finish to seal and protect the wood.

If you are going to paint or stain your turntable, do not get the polyurethane clear finish.

18 inch lazy susan image

When you check out you will see our offer to seal the natural wood with three coats of polyurethane. 

This process takes about 3 days since it must dry for sanding between coats.

18 inch wooden  lazy susan image

Here is an example of our 18 inch wooden lazy susan holding spices for easy access. 

What will you put on yours? 

Place it in a kitchen cabinet to increase storage space and easily reach items in the back.

18 inches of space is needed for a nice functional fit.  

lazy susan turntables image

Our wood lazy Susan turntables are available in three sizes...

18 inch, 24 inch, and 36 inch diameters.

Serve some fun and excitement at supper and enjoy this special family time together. 

It's a great conversation piece and guests will wonder how it was put together since there are no obvious holes or screws!

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This product ships within 2 business days. If coating is selected please allow another 3 days.

18 inch lazy susan feet image

Our lazy Susan turntables have non-slip, griping, no scratch, rubber feet.

Want to see just how heavy duty our lazy Susan turntables are?

Watch this FUN cake turntable video here!

Got a question about our 18 lazy susan, ask us here.