50th Anniversary Cakes ~Gold~

Gold – Gold - Gold 50th anniversary cakes are a great way to celebrate love with sweet confection.

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”Stephanie, I just wanted to say thank you for our BEAUTIFUL 50th anniversary cake! It was delicious as well as beautiful. Everyone kept asking who made the cake. Thank you for being so easy to work with. You did an awesome job! Thanks again.” Jenny A. – Raleigh, NC

The anniversary cake flavor was almond for the top tier, butter for the middle, and vanilla for the bottom.

All filled with delicious hand made butter cream icing and covered with our hand made marshmallow fondant.

Read our client cake reviews here.

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The gold balls were hand rolled fondant colored with edible gold luster dust.

The flowers were also colored with gold luster dust.

The 50th anniversary (GOLDEN anniversary) is the most celebrated of all wedding anniversaries, as it should be!

The traditional gifts are all about gold except for the flower, which is violet.

Why not have cakes to sparkle with gold? Well, we can. The design possibilities are endless.

We can supply the (all edible) gold color by using gold fondant, gold candy melts, and gold luster dust integrated into the cake design.

Enjoy the perfect cake, elegant, traditional, modern, or whimsical, and add to the memories of love.

Bring your cake ideas to life by using our anniversary cake design software.

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”Stephanie, everyone loved the 50th anniversary cake! The vanilla is already gone. Rufus was upset because it's gone! People dropped their jaws when they saw it! Take care and thank you for making my parents' 50th Anniversary so special!” Rufus and Paulette B. - Raleigh

This special cake was ordered by Rufus and Paulette, a loving husband and wife, for his parents' 50th wedding anniversary.

The cake flavor was vanilla and chocolate with buttercream for the first two tiers, topped with a marble flavored with raspberry filling third tier all covered with our hand made marshmallow fondant.

Click the picture for larger detailed image.

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We can design a unique and special 50th wedding anniversary cake that will truly express the theme and mood of your special wedding anniversary.

Add pictures, flowers, and get cake creative!

E-mail Steph about 50th anniversary cakes and ideas.

“We appreciate and are grateful for your business.” ~ Stephanie

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