Cake Pictures October 2010

Here are a few of my personal favorite cake pictures for October 2010.

My challenge in October was building a cruise ship cake. Here's a cake picture. See the entire build process here! Yes, I used a saw...LOL!

cruise ship cake image

This cruise ship cake was fun to make!

coach purse cake image

Coach purse cake, or real Coach purse? Hmmm.

abby cadabby cake image

This Abby Cadabby cake was strawberry with strawberry icing, yummy!

white wedding cake image

Sometimes a cake just turns out beautiful, like this white wedding cake. I wish all of them would do this:)

rubiks cube cake image

I've done a few Rubiks cube cakes before, but this time we turned the cube to try to give it a more real look.

louis vuitton purse cake image

This Louis Vuitton purse cake was very colorful, I want one!

motorcycle cake image

Building a motorcycle cake topper reminded me of the little model car kits, but having to make all of the pieces too! Whew!

military cakes image

This military cake was for JSOC in Fort Bragg, NC. It measured three feet wide and almost six feet long!

piano cake image

This was my first attempt at a piano cake. I am so thankful for gum paste:)

Thank you for looking and please look for the rest of October's awesome cake pictures on the site soon!

See you next month!

Have a blessed day.


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