Cake Pictures September 2010

Here are a few of my personal favorite cake pictures September 2010. With so many awesome cakes delivered it's hard to choose the ones that "take the cake".

Whew... September was cake crazy! Lot of cakes...that is:) My cake clients keep getting more creative!

tennis sports cake image

This tennis sports cake was fun to make!

wedding cake designs image

Wedding cake designs are the most fun!

baseball team cake image

This baseball team cake hit a home run...LOL! I used half a ball cake to make the hat and the jersey was hand made marshmallow fondant...yummy!

chocolate candy cake image

This chocolate candy cake was for a chocolate candy lover. I never want to see another candy bar...LOL!

beer grooms cake image

This stand up beer grooms cake was a challenge. But the Cake Stackers cake supports held it all in place, no worries!

colorful cakes image

This colorful cake was for an outside wedding that was at the lake. Such a wonderful open air venue, very brite and happy:)

ladies hat cake image

This ladies hat cake was a reproduction of her favorite hat. Everyone kept wanting to touch it for some reason, go figure...LOL!

NC State cake image

This NC State cake was a groom's cake who went to NC State and was also an avid hunter and woodsman. So, a stump and camo NC State emblem was the only way to go!

Super Mario cake image

This Super Mario cake was made for three birthdays, each on was a team player. Another thanks to Cake Stackers for holding it together!

upside down wedding cake image

This upside down wedding cake was another miracle stacking job made possible by my Cake Stackers cake support sytem. This cake was the talk of the reception and my favorite flavor....vanilla cake with buttercream frosting and strawberry filling all covered with hand made marshmallow fondant...yummy!

Thank you for looking and please look for the rest of September's awesome cake pictures on the site soon!

See you next month!

Have a blessed day.


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