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Heavy Duty

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In my cake decorating business I went thru several cake turntables, plastic, metal, and ceramic.

They were either too small, broke, and one squeaked like my brakes!

I finally broke down about two years ago and had a cake decorating turntable custom made just the right size that would last.

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The heavy duty turntable worked so well I made an agreement with the company to make as many as my friends and fellow cake decorators needed at a special price of $79, normally $99, for the 18" lazy Susan turntable.... plus shipping:)

The wood measures one and a quarter inches thick for both the base and the top.

The smallest one measures 18 inches, which holds my large and small cakes.

We also have a 24" and a 36" lazy Susan perfect for the table.

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These wood turntables will hold up to 1,000 pounds and I put my SUV on it just to test that!

So for cakes, no problem!

If you have any questions please E-mail me about your cake turntable here.

Your order will ship out within 3 days UPS ground. Outside the continental USA or for special shipping please email me for pricing.

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Special Offer Of $99 $79
On 18" Lazy Susan Turntables

Order Here!

Order Here!

Order Here!

Thank you for the business
and have a blessed day!
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