Liberty Cruise Ship Cake

This Liberty cruise ship cake was made special for Brian and Tricia from Charlotte, NC.

They were married on the sand in Miami, Florida.

Then set sail on the Liberty of the Seas cruise ship.

The reception was held upon their return and what a celebration it was!

liberty cruise ship image

There is a lot to making an edible Liberty cruise ship! Here is how we did it.

base for cruise ship cake image

Every good cake starts with a good foundation. I used one inch thick MDF board and it was heavy!

cutting cruise ship cake base image

I cut the cake base to fit the 60 inch table. I wanted it to cover the entire table at the venue.

sanding base of cruise ship cake image

All of the wood would be covered with foil so it had to be sanded well.

sanding cruise ship cake base image

The support base for the cake was made well in advance and it seemed like I was making a real ship!

ship cake supports image

The ship cake supports were made to hold the hundreds of servings that would rest on the top deck and stacks.

attaching cruise ship cake supports image

Who knew that carpentry skills were needed in cake decorating? Go figure! A girl's got to do what a girl's gotta do.

the thinker image

Lot's of time was spent on thinking and scaling. No detail was left out to make this cake as real looking as possible.

clamping cruise ship sides image

All parts were glued, clamped, and screwed together. This ship was built to sail!

rolling fondant for cruise ship cake image

Finally, 24 hours before delivery the cake decorating started. Yes, it's stressful, but making a cake at the last possible minute means fresh and you just can't beat a fresh made cake!

lots of fondant image

There were over thirty pounds of hand made marshmallow fondant rolled out for this cake. Lot's of fondant!

cruise ship cake bow image

When the cruise ship cake bow was covered, I knew it was going to look awesome. There is just something majestic about a large ship.

cruise ship cake windows image

Several hundred windows were cut and each one placed per the cruise ship pictures.

cruise ship windows image

The cruise ship windows were also made from marshmallow fondant.

cruise ship cake top stack image

The entire top deck was cake as well as the cruise ship top stacks. The flavors were almond, vanilla, and chocolate...yummy!

cruise ship picture guides image

Using the cruise ship picture guides we added as much detail as possible to give it a real look.

painting wood bow image

The bow of the cruise ship was painted a wood grain color.

cruise ship cake lifeboats image

Plenty of lifeboats were made, just in case!

cruise ship helo pad image

Of course no cruise ship can go without a helo pad.

cruise ship cake mast image

Both of the stacks were topped with a mast, just like the real ship.

cruise ship rock climbing wall image

We added the rock climbimg wall to scale. This gives you an idea of how big the Liberty really is!

cruise ship cake pools image

The ship has two pools both mid ship and astern. That's sailor talk for the rear of the ship.

fondant windows image

So many fondant windows. The windows took as long as any other part.

cruise ship cake aerial view image

Here is a nice aerial view from the stairs...LOL!

cruise ship cake putting green image

We had to add the putting green, every cruise ship's got em!

pool chairs image

Adding the little items like the pool chairs and other details was fun!

almost finished cruise ship cake image

Almost finished cruse ship cake, but that's just the ship. We have to have an ocean, island, hand made bride and groom, sand, water, dolphins, back drop, logo, and a 3 hour delivery! Oh my!

dolphins image

If you look close you can see the dolphins. Well, it's 5:30 AM and this ship sails at noon! Time for a nap!

finished cruise ship cake image

Finally, here is the finished cruise ship cake! This was such a fun project and I feel blessed to have been chosen to make this cake.

cruise ship cake image

The water was 15 pints of piping gel with blue food coloring. The sand was graham cracker crumbs. The back drop added some depth to the presentation with a beautiful sun set.

cake cutting image

The cake cutting ceremony was at the very end and everyone enjoyed a piece a cake! Sorry, I just had to:)

serving cake image

The hardest part of this cruise ship cake adventure was cutting and serving the cake. But that's what it's all about!

liberty of the seas cruise ship cake image

"Hey Steph, you have been such a help and a delight to work with. You definitely made this reception a breeze! The cake was absolutely amazing and it's something we will never forget! You did everything perfect and you and your husband are such an amazing and funny couple! Thank you for going out of your way to do what you did. We can't thank you enough." Tricia & Brian ~ Charlotte, NC

Tricia and Brian were such nice people and deserve all of the happiness together. May your days be blessed ~ Steph.

Email Steph a comment about this cruise ship cake here, or order one!

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