Dog Birthday Cakes

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Dog birthday cakes are a great gift for the dog lover! Send us a picture of your favorite pet or surprise a friend.

Oscar, the puppy above was a very fun cake to make. He traveled from North Carolina all the way to Philly!

This groom's cake was red velvet with cream cheese icing covered with our hand made marshmallow fondant. Yummy!

”Hi Steph! Oscar made it to Philly all perfectly put together & cute as ever! I cannot thank you enough for all your time & work & coordination getting it to Stacey. I am so excited to have Mike see it! Many thanks” Amy ~ Philly

E-mail Piece-a-Cake to order custom dog birthday cakes.

“Milk Bones” Cake Instructions

dog birthday cake, Milk Bone Cake, dog bone cake

Download These Instructions “Text Link”

To open and print the dog birthday cakes PDF file you need Adobe Reader on your computer. You can get Adobe Reader for free here (a new window will open so you can download it without leaving this page).

To make this cake you will need a 9’ x 13” x 2” pan and a 8” x 2” round pan.

You can choose any flavor you want. Bake 4 (four) 8” round cakes, and 1 (one) 9” x 13” cake. You can also double this to make a thicker cake from a 2” to a 4” to serve more guests.

After cakes have cooled, flip them out of pans and on to waxed paper. Assemble your 9” x 13” onto your cake board. At this time you can cut the cake into half’s to icing the inside, then assemble layers back together.

Icing the outside of cake, then take the 4 (four) 8” round cakes and cut them on the sides so that your cakes look like this.

Cover the 4 round cakes with icing inside and out. Assemble them to the ends of the rectangle cake. To cover, Make a batch of fondant or you can buy at your local craft store.

Color the fondant brown till you get the color you desire. Roll and cover the cake. I used a stencil for the words with edible paint. It is available at your local craft store.

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