Don't Forget The Grooms Cake!

grooms cake image

”Hi Stephanie! I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work on our grooms cake. You took the golf cake picture I gave you and made it way better! The golf cake was AWESOME and delicious! Thanks again.” Brittany and Clay T. – Raleigh, NC

Let us match the cake with the groom and create a unique cake that he will remember forever. A cake for grooms will add that special touch and can make that someone special feel like someone special.

The cake and the care in which it was carefully matched to their personality will surprise most grooms.

This groom's cake was made for the dinner rehearsal for the wedding of Brittany and Clay Torrence.

His big day is tomorrow (their wedding) which is the theme for the video!

beer cake image

This was the surprise groom’s cake ordered by the bride, Ashley H.

It is a beer cake theme flavored vanilla with butter cream icing covered in marshmallow fondant.

Hand painted with edible brown food coloring and the labels were printed on edible rice paper.

See our beer birthday cakes here!

stadium cake image

This Baltimore Ravens football stadium cake was also a groom’s cake made special and unique for Bryan.

Congratulations Bryan! Diana, a loving mother of the groom called us all the way from Maryland to order this football stadium cake. See pictures of our Sports Cakes Here

NC State cake image

This grooms cake was made for John F. of Wake forest. The NC State cake flavor was vanilla with coconut butter cream covered with butter cream icing.

The NC State logo was printed on edible frosting paper.

fireman cake image

This fireman cake was made for the special groom/fireman.

Decorated using hand made marshmallow fondant it was all edible.

Even the stickers!

xbox cake image

Velvet (the bride) ordered this grooms cake as a surprise for Justin (the groom).

Representing his old favorite pastime was his xbox cake. His xbox groom’s cake was lemon flavor with a lemon mousse filling.

It was covered and decorated with hand made marshmallow fondant and had a working (moving) joystick! See their awsome 4 tier whimsical wedding cake here!

brownie cake image

”Yes, loved it! It was delicious. The grooms brownie cake was amazing!” Shanique C. – Raleigh, NC

This brownie cake was a surprise for the groom.

The brownie cake was filled and covered with whipped cream icing and carved in the shape of the UNC school logo.

superman drawing image

Pat from Raleigh, NC gave us this cartoon superman drawing of her son and his bride to be.

We printed it on edible paper (frosting sheets) with edible ink.

The groom's cake flavor was chocolate with buttercream icing.

grooms cake image

Congratulations BJ and Krysta!

E-Mail Steph about your grooms cake here.

Go Home to Piece-A-Cake!

gun cake image

”Stephanie, the Kimber grooms cake was beyond words. He did not want to cut it at the rehearsal dinner so we displayed it at the wedding reception. The gun itself is his keepsake and has our wedding date on the slide. Despite the rain, the cakes made the reception a big hit. I cant thank you enough, simply a work of art.” Angela S. – Garner, NC

Angela S. from Garner ordered this surprise grooms gun cake for her fiancée.

His favorite toy is a Kimber Stainless Gold Match II, so we replicated it from her picture for his special grooms cake!

gun cakes image

The gun cakes flavor was red velvet with cream cheese icing covered with our hand made marshmallow fondant.

The target, gun, and bullets were hand painted using edible luster dust.

The Kimber gun and bullets were carved and molded from a mix of gum paste and fondant.

I have heard of a shotgun wedding, but this one takes the cake!

kimber firearms image

Everything was edible, even the bullets!

Just had to put Steph (Piece-A-Cake's Angel) with her kimber firearms.

Go ahead, make my cake!

krispy kreme cake image

Nancy T. of Raleigh ordered this Krispy Kreme cake for her son.

His favorite thing is Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and the bride and groom share and inside joke about the HOT sign! Doughno?

The Krispy Kreme grooms cake flavor was lemon with real lemon filling from the Krispy Kreme store, thanks guys!

Christy ordered this custom hunting cake for her fiancé’s groom’s cake.

hunting cake image

The hunting cake flavor was lemon with butter cream and red velvet with cream cheese.

The cut tree design was covered in marshmallow fondant topped with a fondant browning dear head symbol.

Match your grooms cake to the personality of the groom and he will remember it forever!

”Stephanie, thank you so much for the beautiful grooms cake. It was a big hit. Everyone loved it! The spice flavor was perfect. Great job, we will definite refer people to you. Take care.” Susan B. – Raleigh, NC

bass cake image

Nancy from Raleigh ordered this bass cake.

This grooms cake was flavored white with butter cream and strawberry preserves for fillings. The cake was covered and decorated using our delicious hand made marshmallow fondant. The fish bait was a gummy worm!

beer grooms cake image

”Steph, Just wanted to thank you for the amazing job you did on Ian's bass cake! It looked fantastic and tasted even better. Thanks for everything and I will certainly be ordering more cakes from you!” Nancy – Raleigh, NC

This beer grooms cake was ordered special by Kelly W. from Raleigh for the groom-to-be who was a Miller Lite and golf lover.

The beer cake was chocolate flavor with chocolate butter cream icing covered with our hand made marshmallow fondant with edible labels!

See more beer cakes here!

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