Picture Cakes

Picture cakes with edible pictures use older memories to make new ones. These are fun cakes to make!

Yes, we can print your edible picture and mail it to you for $19.95 shipping included. Email Steph here for details.

edible photo cake image

This edible photo cake was ordered from Washington State, for delivery here in Raleigh.

Blaire, a loving daughter, wanted something special for her mother's 70th birthday and decided to get an edible photo cake with the cover of Better Homes & Gardens.

The cake was chocolate flavor with our hand made chocolate mousse filling.

fancy nancy cake image

The Fancy Nancy cake was an edible picture cake made special for Mackenzie's birthday.

The flavor was vanilla with vanilla pudding and cherries for filling.

Covered with whipped icing, yummy!

Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any event pictures can add special memories.

mario cake image

”Stephanie, thanks so much for the terrific Mario cake! My grandson Sean was thrilled. He was jumping up and down saying, "I'm sooooo happy!"

It was a great cake creation and it was difficult to finally make that first cut.

But, it was as delicious as it was beautiful. It was a moist and delicious cake with a wonderful filling.

Well done, Stephanie, Thank you!” Angie T. – Holly Springs, NC

The Mario cake was yellow flavor with butter cream filling covered with delicious hand made marshmallow fondant.

The Mario game views were printed on edible paper with edible ink.

Happy Birthday Sean!

monster truck cake image

Tinaya, from Raleigh, NC ordered this monster truck cake for her son Meysun’s 3rd Birthday.

Meyson loves his monster trucks and he knows the real ones from the amateurs!

This monster truck cake was French vanilla with raspberry filling covered with butter cream icing and an edible frosting picture of the Grave Digger monster truck.

Happy Birthday Meysun!

See more truck cakes here!

Show special pictures of ones life to celebrate, use their favorite sports team, company logo, school emblem, cartoon characters, or any picture they may enjoy seeing, or eating! The possibilities are endless using an edible cake image.

Our picture cakes use an edible cake image printed exclusively on our cake printer with edible fondant paper and edible ink.

The edible cake image is make of rice paper and potato ink so you will get a serving of rice and potatoes with your cake!

picture cake image

This picture cake was flavored chocolate, coconut, and yellow with butter cream frosting.

”Stephanie, The 3-tier cake with edible pictures you made for husbands surprise 30th birthday party was a huge hit. My husband was amazed at the cake and so very surprised, he loved it! Everyone commented on how pretty the cake was and how good it tasted too.

Everyone asked who made it so your name was given out a lot at the party. Thank for helping to make my husband’s birthday a huge success with such an amazing cake.

Thanks again and I will be using you again in the future.” Velvet and Dave – Angier, NC

grooms cake image

This picture cake was a grooms cake made for BJ, a real superman!

We use a Canon edible ink printer with edible fondant paper.

If you don’t have an edible ink printer, I just found out the bakery at our local Wal-Mart will print the picture out for you for about $5.00 to $10.00 depending on the size.

They will print it as long as it is not a trademark photo, Olan Mills, LifeTouch, or photographer that has their logo printed on the photo.

horse picture cake This horse picture cake was made special for Madison in Winston Salem, NC.

She loves horses and rides weekly so what better way to design her cake but with an edible picture of her on a horse.

Happy Birthday Madison

90th birthday picture cake image

This birthday picture cake was made for a very nice lady whose father was having his 90th birthday!

It’s flavor was yellow cake covered with butter-cream icing and then covered again with fondant. Choose from our selections of Flavors, Fillings, and Frostings.

She e-mailed us the picture, which we printed on our edible paper & ink printer.

”Thanks so much for the wonderful cakes you made for my father's 90th birthday.

They were beautiful and delicious.

I will definitely use you again when I need a cake.” Cindy D. - Raleigh

football theme cake image

Well, I think you get the idea about this one. Give your sports fan the perfect birthday cake.

See our sports cake pictures here.

We can also scan your photo if you don't have a digital file.

We can also go find and seek one on the Internet for you.

cake with pictures image

This picture birthday cake was made for a wonderful lady from Winston-Salem, NC. Her daughter, Renee, was throwing her a surprise 45th birthday party.

Renee is also a repeat customer and I look forward to making many more cakes for her events!

picture birthday cake image

”Hey Steph, thank you so much for the cake with pictures, it was Amazing! My mom was so happy. You never disappoint me and I look forward to using you for future parties. Thanks again.” Renee – Winston Salem

The cake flavors are pineapple with cream cheese icing, strawberry with cream cheese icing, and vanilla with butter cream icing covered in marshmallow fondant with edible pictures.

E-Mail Steph about your picture cakes.

pokemon birthday cake image

This Pokemon birthday cake (Groudon ) was ordered by Richard for his daughter.

She had came to him about 6 months before her birthday with a picture of what she wanted her cake to look like, so he contacted me and we made that wish come true.

The Pokemon birthday cake was vanilla covered in butter cream and the picture was printed on edible paper. Happy Birthday Bonnie!

Alice in wonderland cake image

Julia ordered this Alice In Wonderland cake for her daughter’s birthday. Her daughter loves Alice In Wonderland so Julia e-mailed me a picture of a poster off the Internet.

Where it says happy birthday Lila, it use to say Alice In Wonderland so I took the picture into Photoshop and put happy birthday Lila. The picture cake flavor was yellow covered in marshmallow fondant and picture is printed on edible paper.

Give us a try at your next party and let us make your picture a piece-a-cake!

Jonas Brothers cake image

This Jonas Brothers cake was made for Samantha from Fuquay-Varina, NC.

She e-mailed me the picture that she wanted on the picture cake. I printed it out with our edible ink printer.

Continue to birthday cake pictures.

anniversary cake image

This 61st anniversary cake was for Angie and Frank. WOW!

The cake was almond flavored with raspberry filling covered with a thick layer of butter cream icing.

What can you say about 61 years? This is one of the few times that I am lost for words. Congratulations Angie and Frank.

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Yes, we can print your edible picture and mail it to you for $19.95 shipping included. Email Steph here for details.

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