Purse Cake
Pictures and Ideas

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These purse cake ideas were uniquely made and matched to each person’s style and personality.

If you can match a cake with a person’s passion, love, or desire; you end up with a cake they will remember forever!

”How can we thank you? You are the best ever! The Channel handbag cake was great! Everyone is trying to get up with you! I already have people asking how to order. What a great job. How else can we thank you.” Angela R.- Raleigh, NC

This handbag cake was chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing covered with our hand made marshmallow fondant. Yummy!

Email us a picture of their favorite handbag. Or may be a Coach, Louis Vuitton, or Channel dream purse and have it made into a cake, just for them!

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special purse cake here!

coach purse cake image

This Coach purse cake was vanilla with butter cream icing.

It looked real with the leather straps, and side pocket made with a gum paste and fondant mix.

The cake served 25 and everything was edible, except for the cake board!

coach purse image

She emailed me a picture of her mothers' dream Coach purse to make special for her 50th birthday.

What's in your pocketbook? ~ Cake? LOL!

handbag cakes image

”Hello Stephanie, I would like to say the party was a success and the cake was the center of attention. I truly appreciate you working with me to make my mother's surprise birthday dinner so special. As you know, the theme was "a ladies' night out with purses" and the coach handbag cake really topped the theme off. Before the dinner had started, heads were turning in the restaurant as I brought the cake in for set up so you will definitely be hearing from a lot of people in the near future.

coach handbag image

Now I must say, that it is one thing to have a beautiful cake but to have a cake that taste as good as it looks is another, each slice was mouthwatering and so delicious! You definitely live up to your reputation and make it look easy as a piece-a-cake. Thank you so much and you will be hearing from me really soon for more orders.” Bryonna J. – Raleigh

handbag cake image

This ladies handbag cake was also done from a picture.

The cake flavor was chocolate with chocolate butter cream icing covered with our hand made marshmallow fondant. Yummy!

This large purse birthday cake served 40 and everything was edible.

Each week we pick our favorite cake. It's hard sometimes to choose one.

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longchamp image

This Longchamp purse was her favorite.

Happy Birthday Lisa!

louis vuitton purse cake image

This colorful Louis Vuitton purse cake was a special birthday surprise.

The cake flavor was French vanilla with butter cream icing.

The purse straps, buckle, and lettering were all made with marshmallow fondant and gum paste mix.

louis vuitton purse image

Who wouldn't love a Louis Vuitton purse?

Even if it's just a cake!

louis vuitton purse cake image

”My wife and I just wanted to thank you for making her 40th birthday very delicious. Her Louis Vuitton purse cake was a big hit! Everyone loved it and wanted to know where I purchased it from. You might see an increase in cake sales LOL. Thanks again and truly it was the best cake we have ever seen or tasted.” Michael and Sony W. – Raleigh

The cake flavor was pumpkin spice with to match the season.

coach handbag cake image

Her loving husband Willie ordered this Coach handbag cake special for his wife Deborah’s birthday.

The cake flavor was butter pecan with cream cheese icing. Yummy!

This man is special. You got yourself a winner Deborah!

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