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Piece-a-Cake makes custom special event cakes and corporate cakes delicious for any occasion. Businesses, schools, and groups hold special events throughout the year and cakes are in!

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”Stephanie, it was my enormous pleasure to work with you in the design and execution of a LARGE corporate cake for the Raleigh Marriott City Center's first birthday. Our timetable was short but they were extremely flexible and were great communicators throughout the whole planning process. Steph’s husband/delivery boy has an excellent sense of humor and leaves the "pretty stuff" to Stephanie. I presented them with a simple image and Piece A Cake was able to produce a beautiful cake that was better than I could have imagined.

corporate event cake image

Everyone in the hotel lobby was in awe at the beauty and SIZE of the cake. We wanted to have a party big enough for our team members, guests, and community officials so Piece a Cake created a three foot round special event cake with a one foot round topper to feed about 230 people. The cake itself was DELICIOUS. I definitely recommend the lemon cake with raspberry filling but all of the four flavors that we picked were satisfying to a diverse range of palates. We definitely plan to use Piece a Cake again in the future and to recommend them to clients, colleagues, friends and family. THANK YOU Piece A Cake for making our birthday special!” John Champlin, PHR – Team Member Relations Manager - Raleigh Marriott City Center – Raleigh, NC

The video below shows Stephanie during "crunch time" putting the final touches on the Marriott’s corporate cake when the power goes out! Have your volume on and hold on!

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”Stephanie, after prom we move into hyper drive to get ready for the close of school, so I have been wrapping up prom stuff while getting ready for exams and next year. The prom cake was officially a HUGE success. The kids have kept commenting on it. I sent home leftover cake with the administration and policemen. They raved at how good it tasted.

prom cake image

I took some home myself and ate it for breakfast and dinner Saturday after prom. The prom cake was yummy. The Website had a great picture of it and the video is great too. I am going to promote next year's prom with pictures from this year’s special event. Right now I have a collage up for the kids to see of all the decorations, including the prom cake. You make a mean cake, Stephanie. Thanks again!”Wendy D. - Junior Class Council Advisor - Millbrook High School – Raleigh, NC

This one-of-a-kind prom cake "The Climb" was for the 2009 Millbrook High School Prom that was celebrated at the Sisters Garden in Raleigh, NC. The theme for the special event was magic happens. We custom designed a special cake stand that seemed to defy gravity. The base cake flavor was yellow with butter cream icing covered in marshmallow fondant. The 3-tier top weighed a whopping 42 pounds and was chocolate, vanilla, and lemon with raspberry filling. This was a fun special event project, see ya’ll next year!

special event cake image

The event was held at the beautiful Matthews House in Cary, NC on June 11th, 2008.

The two companies of Toshiba Business Solutions and KIP America celebrated their new partnership to become the premier large format equipment provider for the Raleigh area.

They stopped by for a sample and decided on the butter-cream fondant. It is the cake-of-choice for most of our clients.

”Stephanie, thank you so much for the beautiful and delicious cake for our special event. We loved it and will certainly use your service again.”
Derrick S. - Raleigh Sales Manager – Toshiba

They wanted something special and contracted Piece A Cake bakery for the job. We suggested that a wedding cake would be best to symbolize this new business partnership...and they agreed.

special event image

Using the Toshiba Red and the KIP America Blue colors along with White gave us a beautiful Red, White and Blue fondant wedding cake.

We put the company names on the side and used the sweetheart cake topper. The cake served 120 guests and at a cost of $3.00 per serving was also very economical.

”Stephanie, the cake was wonderful, just right. I look forward to inviting you to make a special cake at our next event.”
Brian H. - Regional Sales Manager – KIP America

 meeting cake image

What can you say about this special event cake? Round these parts this is what’s called a storm drain cover cake. It was a fun adventure to make this one!

The local Raleigh firm of MCKIM&CREED ENGINEERS had an client lunch meeting and wanted a unique event cake!

They decided to spec out a storm drain cover and sent us the AutoCAD drawings along with the specifications!

special event cake image

”It was no piece-a-cake for Stephanie to make us a special event cake for our utility client lunch meeting. Guided by a few technical drawings Stephanie dug down deep in her creative culinary talent and produced a beautiful and custom cake that received a million Wows. We look forward to another occasion when we can delight our clients with one of Stephanie's custom cakes as the centerpiece of our meeting.” Janet Jackson – GIS Manager – MCKIM&CREED ENGINEERS SURVEYORS PLANNERS

After receiving this cake project my husband drove me down to a local road construction site and we took some pictures of an actual storm cover!

They wanted the cake to look as real as possible, complete with dirt, sand and grass! I used graham cracker crumbs for the sand/dirt and black colored fondant for the steel cover.

fall theme cake image

This Fall theme cake was for a retirement party.

The Harnett County school counselors celebrated the retirement of their director of student services.

The special event cake was the centerpiece for an informal meeting turned surprise party!

The 3-tiered vanilla, chocolate, and butter flavored cake was decorated in the Fall colors with ribbons and leaf stamps on marshmallow fondant.

Lipofenrx cake image

Wendy from Greensboro, NC ordered this cake. She works for a pharmaceutical company and was having a trade show in Greensboro.

devil burger cake image

The medicine she was introducing was Lipofenrx and their mascot is the Devil Burger.

She wanted a cake that could look as close to him as possible.

The cake was vanilla w/butter cream icing covered in marshmallow fondant.

special event cake image

This special event cake was ordered from one of my repeat customers, Vicki W. from the Smithfield area.

It was for her husbands business and they were having an open house. It was a vanilla with butter cream sheet cake with the company’s logo hand painted on with edible food coloring.

”Thanks Vicki, I look forward to many more special event cakes for you and your family.” Stephanie

hard hat cake image

This hard hat cake was prepared for a special event hosted by DPR Construction, Inc. of Morrisville, NC.

The cake flavor was lemon with butter cream icing and a layer of yummy raspberry preserves.

The special event cake was ordered for a subcontractor appreciation event held as a “thank you” to all of their subs.

special event image

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