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Winnie the Pooh birthday cake image

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This Winnie the Pooh cake design shows a step-by-step process of making the perfect Pooh bear birthday cake from start to finish.

There is a lot that goes into makeing a theme cake. For some, it’s a living and for others it’s a labor of love!

This Pooh birthday cake was for a beautiful little girl named Kenley. Her mom wanted something special to celebrate her 2nd birthday and decided on a Winnie the Pooh theme cake.

Winnie the Pooh cake image

Let’s start with the Hunny Pot! Yes, Pooh spells his honey “hunny’.

We used (4) six-inch round vanilla flavored cakes and carved the basic shape.

I did this one piece-a-cake at a time then assembled them to form the pot.

fondant covered cake image

I colored the fondant an orange and applied it to the honey pot.

I then took Wiltons alphabet cut outs and pushed in the word HUNNY just enough to make an outline on the fondant.

Winnie the Pooh Bear cake image

Pooh cake image

Using black food coloring and a small painters brush, painted the letters.

I used an edible brown gel coloring mixed with a little lemon juice, brushed light strokes all over the hunny pot.

As for the honey top pouring over the sides, I tinted yellow and a little orange into the fondant to give it more of real honey look to it.

carving pooh cake image

I rolled the fondant out unevenly so that it formed it’s own look, and draped it over the top.

Pooh Bear cake image

I made (2 layered) 10 inch and (2 layered) 8 inch round vanilla cakes.

I then colored several fondant batches for the Pooh colors.

Applied butter-cream icing between, around and on top of the 10-inch cakes.

Rolled out the base fondant (yellow) and applied it to the 10-inch cake.

Trim off the excess and you have a nice fondant covered base.

apply icing to Winnie cake image

I applied the icing on the 8 inch cakes the same as the 10 inch.

Roll out the blue fondant and apply to the 8-inch cakes.

Winnie Pooh cake image

The blue and red is the hardest to color.

Just use extra coloring and knead a lot!

Winnie the Pooh cakes image

Now you have the fondant covered base and second tier for your Winnie the Pooh cake.

Winnie the Pooh decorating image

Using 2 different size circle cut outs, I cut some red, blue and green fondant.

I then rolled them into balls, making sure I greased my hands with shortening so they don’t stick.

It also takes off excess powdered sugar from where I rolled the fondant out.

I used a diamond pattern to cut out for the sides of the base.

Using water as my glue, I applied the diamonds and balls to the base.

cake decorating image

Using the daisy cut outs, I cut some flowers to place between the diamonds then added small green fondant circles and attached them to the center of the daisies to give it a finished look.

Then I set the second tier on top of the base cake and secured it by placing 4 dowel rods inside the base cake. You will have to measure and cut these dowels to fit, just place the rod inside the cake pushing it till it stops at the bottom of cake.

With a pencil, mark the rod to where the rod stops at the top of the cake. Cut just below your mark so that it is not sticking out of the cake. This gives the second tier support so that it doesn’t weigh the base down or sag.

dowel rod in cake image

Then, after setting the second tier, I sharpened a dowel rod with a pencil sharpener and placed through the second tier all the way to the bottom of the Winnie the Pooh cake base giving it support and keeping it from sliding.

This Winnie the Pooh cake design used the small Pooh and Tiger too…figurines that fit nicely around the base.

I hot glued them to the bass holder all around the cake.

Of course, Winnie was out in front!

I used the same method as the HUNNY on the pot for the sash.

I spelled out Happy Birthday Kenley and painted it using black food coloring.

I applied the sash using water as my glue to the front of the cake.

I used yellow fondant and molded 2 honey…or should I say…hunny bees and painted them.

I used the hunny bees to appear to hold up the sash.

I placed the “Hunny” pot on top of the second tier, using the same support method, 4- cut to fit dowel rods inside the second tier just for support, placing the pot on top.

I then sharpened a dowel and placed it through the pot and through the bottom of the second tier. Plenty of support!

Finally, I placed the Winnie the Pooh 2 candle on top and went to sleep!

Happy birthday Kenley! Thank you for letting us experience making your cake. This was a fun Winnie the Pooh cake adventure!

See you again next year Kenley!

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winnie the pooh cake image

Winnie the Pooh cakes image

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”Hi, Steph, Here's a picture of the Winnie the Pooh cake we had made I promised you. Most of it was butter cream icing. Made it look a little different from the fondant, but we were pleased. Thanks so much for the idea!” Nikki

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